Monitoring Grants

The purpose of monitoring is to help the grantee succeed, to help the Foundation evaluate the success of the grant, and to receive input from the grantee on the project and other projects which may evolve from it. Once grants are approved, Durham Foundation staff will monitor grants by telephone, correspondence and/or site visits. Grantees will be asked to make interim and final reports. Grants may be paid in full or in installments based upon the contract set up by the Foundation and grantee.

Grant Evaluation 

Once a project is concluded, grantees are required to evaluate the project in light of its original goals, numbers of people served, outcomes and social impact. We expect grantees to be honest about failure as about successes.

Projects Funded by the H.W. Durham Foundation

Since 1989, the Foundation has given grants totalling in excess of $6.5 million, primarily in the following areas:

Arts & Culture


Fund Raising Assistance


Independent living


Quality of Life

Research & Technical Assistance

Special events

Special Needs

Voluntarism & Employment