The Durham Foundation makes no grants to individuals and every applicant must possess a current 501(c)(3) exemption or equivalent. The Durham Foundation  makes grants to serve older people primarily in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Mid-South (including West Tennessee, Northeast Arkansas and Northwest Mississippi). However, projects of national significance which could be replicated in this area will be considered.

A letter of intent is required before a grant application is submitted. This letter should briefly describe the organization, why funds are needed and what will be accomplished if funding is received. Letters of intent are accepted at any time, and all letters will be acknowledged. If the Foundation finds the request appropriate for its support, the applicant will be mailed guidelines for submission.

Board meetings to consider grant applications are held in April and October. Application deadlines are: March 1 for the April meeting, and September 1 for the October meeting, or the first working day after each of the above dates. All pages should be numbered.  Please submit five unstapled copies of the written proposal and attachments, paper clips are preferred.

Generally the range of one year grants is $5,000 to $15,000. The maximum grant for one year may not exceed ten percent of the Foundation's annual grants. Projects may be funded for a maximum of one year.